About me

I love nature but have a lifelong fascination with trees and water. I think they are mysterious, intriguing and magical, especially the places/trees which were left to grow as they wanted for century’s. The damaged trees with new branches and the ones that change form because of their environment remind me of human suffering and resilience and for me everything and everybody is connected.

Although I start with the realistic rendering of live my main goal is to find or catch the soul or atmosphere of the object or place.

I love this planet but also fear its destruction, sometimes that fear seeps into my work. But mostly I am hopeful and try to uncover the hidden beauty that surrounds us.


My name is Johannah de Vries. I am a Dutch artist and graduated in 2018 at The Wackers academy of fine arts in Amsterdam. Mentor in my final year was Maarten Welbergen

I did masterclasses with Peter Smit, Raymond Huisman, Sam Drukker en Irma Braat